Monday, June 3, 2013

4 Great Tips In Hiring A Contractor

Perth House PaintersPainting a room or a house can be a very fulfilling accomplishment, especially for homeowners who made time and effort to roll up their sleeves and willingly prepare themselves to get their hands dirty. But not everyone has the time or capability to paint. Hiring a contractor or a professional painter in Perth alleviates the stress burden and responsibilities from homeowners. Still, finding the right one is a critical decision that requires careful consideration.

Use the following tips to hire the right professional for any painting project:

Looking for a contractor

One of the best ways to find a contractor is through the internet. Given the modernisation of technologies, internet became our window to the world. There are a lot of painting companies available that offers vast services. But not all of them can deliver quality workmanship. Some of the companies that stand out in Perth are Painter Perth and Perth House painters.

You can also ask for referrals from your friends and acquaintances that have had good experiences with painting contractors in your area.

Get to know your choices:

Always ask contractors the following questions:
•    How long have you been in business?
•    What kind of products do you use?
•    Can you provide references?
•    Do you have the proper/required licenses?
•    Do you have insurance and bonding? (This helps determine whether your contractor or any hired workers are insured for injury and liability.)

Get estimates from at least three contractors:

Estimates between the contractors that you have chosen should fall roughly within the same price range. Acquaint potential contractors around the areas you want to be painted. Be specific about which surfaces you want to have painted and the paint colours and finishes you want used. If estimates significantly differ from one another, ask what is not being done or where corners are being cut.

Ask for a contract:

As a consumer, you have the right to ask for a contract especially for services rendered, whether you’ll be spending a small or large amount of money. Other questions you have in mind should also be asked no matter how minor they are.

In particular, be sure to verify the following:
•    When and how the contractor will be paid
•    Details on preparation and cleanup
•    Paint colours for each area to be painted
•    What exactly is being painted (house, trim, walls, moulding, etc.)
•    How much time the project will take, from start to finish

When you are contented with all the inquiries, you’ll be ready to hire the right Perth painting contractor.

Tips For Saving Money On Paint

Most homeowners would agree that painting your house is a quick and easy way to refresh and add value to your home. Painting is one strategy that's both least costly and produces immediate results. Well executed house renovation can produce a positive environment, especially if the theme and mood of colours, involves careful consideration and planning that affirms and compromises with the owner’s taste.

Well planned colour scheme while using top quality paints can even help in paying less for utilities. House painting can be simple or complicated. It all depends on the method used by homeowners using a DIY approach or hiring a professional painter in Perth.
Painter In Perth

Painting can get expensive. There are discussions of whether to use cheaper paints to go for quantity and reduce cost and have as many coats as possible to assume desired results; or go for high quality paints, high cost but good coverage and less coats needed.

Some people opt for cheaper paints, thinking they can save money and still can get the same results. But is this really the way to go? You can save cost, but the big question is, will it stand the test of time? The smart choice often leads to high quality paints, but not everyone can afford it.

Check out some tips for savings in buying expensive high quality and making your wall and your wallet happy at the same time.

This is the very first consideration when deciding to paint your house in order to save money. DO THE WORK YOURSELF! It’s the most practical tip. Your only expense will be allocated for the materials needed.

Ask your friends or a family member to lend a hand. If you have no idea what you’re doing or in the event that things get difficult, that’s the time to call for professionals. Experts who are the best in their field, companies like Painter Perth.

Buying the right quantity of paint can make a big difference in saving money. To determine the amount needed for your project, ask for suggestions from the paint dealer who’s reliable when it comes to Perth Painting. Provide information, like what you’re painting and how big it is. At the end of the project, there will be no problems regarding the disposing and recycling of leftover paints.

Another practical way of saving money is to prevent or minimising future renovations. You can do this by applying a good quality of primer paints. Especially if you are painting over a wall (external or internal) or changing the type of paint that will be used. A primer prevents rotting in wood and rust from metals (Ask your dealer for the right kind for each surface). A primer coating prevents rotting, keeps away stains and makes the coat resistant to weather. Priming also provides better adhesion of the paint to the surface, making lots of coverage in fewer coats.

Look for “oops” paint.
These kinds of paintings are considerably discounted which can go as low as 75%; some are even given free just to get rid of it. “Oops” paints are those which are returned for various reasons. Some are mixed incorrectly while others are returned because a customer didn’t like it, but it’s perfectly good to use. If you can find an “oops” paint that matches the colour that you need for your project, you’ll be able to save significant amount of money.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Refreshing Your Business with Colours That Attract Customers

Commercial painting differs from general house painting in a way that the former involves paint applications for the interior and exterior of business establishments and centres. This further includes retail establishments, office complexes and professional offices. And since the focus here is business, a good number of people are affected during the process. They may be your employees, clients or customers.

To the business owner, a commercial painting job involves a considerable amount of money. To make the most out of your investment, it pays to make sure that you hire the right company for the job. You must remember that in commercial painting, the areas of concentration are high traffic. You need to plan out the painting process carefully so as not to disrupt business transactions. Painter in Perth has all this covered for you – efficient scheduling, consultation on the right paint to use, and the expertise of completing the work in high quality.

If you want your commercial building painted, think of how your customers would feel or react. For one, consider the psychology of colours. What’s important is, you have to take into account the thought processes of people who you encounter everyday in business.

If you want to make a statement, you can have your building painted by professional painter Perth with the same colour as your company logo or the basic colour that relates to your business theme. A good ambiance is what customers will always look for, so you can refresh your establishment with colours that people go for. Certainly, this would bring more customers in who will patronize your business. You can rely on our company to give you the best painting job more than what you expected.

There are a lot of painting companies out there who are just as eager to do commercial painting. When selecting your commercial painter, bear the following in mind:

 *Insurance – See to it that you contractor is fully insured and bonded for commercial work according to government guidelines.
 *License – Make sure your contractor has proper license to work on a commercial structure. If none, then a government office in charge of such might just stop the process for working without permit or having the wrong license. Think of tremendous losses if such case would happen.
*References – Hire only the contractor with a commercial experience in Perth painting. You can get referrals from satisfied businesses that they have performed painting services for. Remember how complex commercial painting could be, so only the most satisfied clients could attest to the expertise of your chosen commercial painter.

Please feel free to contact us for all your painting needs. Visit our website for useful information.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Discover Easy Ways of Paint Colour Matching

Paint colour matching is all about creating the exact paint mixture from a colour from an object, whether it be fabric, picture, interior design magazine, etc.  You may have just seen the best hue that you could integrate into your home painting project. Whatever shade it may be, there’s an exact same paint formula for your needs. That’s the ultimate goal of colour matching services. 

There are dozens of ways to get your desired colour match especially in these days of modern technology. But if you’re not yet tech- savvy, painter in Perth suggests the following methods:

  1. When it comes to planning a painting job, whether for something small as furniture or the entire house, there various areas to look for colour inspiration. Fabrics, paintings, photos magazines… wherever you have found the colour idea, bring it with you to have it matched. You can also just go to your nearest paint store to look at paint swatches.  
  1. If you need paint to finish up your current project, you can bring the leftover paint whether dried up or not, to the paint store. Good if you still have the liquid paint so you can just create a paint swatch. Simply brush it out onto a piece of cardboard and this is what you can conveniently bring to the store. But if the paint has hardened inside the can, remove it mechanically. You can then bring this solid paint to your painter Perth colour matcher. 
  1. Having the colour details and brand of paint you have in mind can also be helpful. It is important to have both because the same colours may appear slightly in different shades and tones depending on the manufacturer. Ask the store if they have such item filed in their computers. Most paint companies do cross matching to other brands and have those formulas stored and ready for duplication upon customer request.               
Cross matching is your option when all else fail. You may like the colour of a certain brand but you don’t like the brand itself. Your colour match service provider can whip up just the right formula by matching your chosen colour in your brand choice. Our experts at Perth painting can do this - bring one colour strip of one paint company to another for the matching, just to satisfy our clients. 

Of course, the above methods can’t assure you of a hundred percent success. If you really want the perfect match, why not call on us? Get to know the company trusted by so many. Check out our website

Monday, March 25, 2013

Perth House Painters: Paint Finesse

Painter In PerthIf you ever got used to hiring painters for your home’s repainting and renovation, I presume you have little to no-knowledge of what actually is or are the paints being painted at your walls really for. So here’s what Painters in Perth have listed to provide you better input and gain that paint finesse.

Preparing your home for renovation is without a doubt one of the key things you have to prioritize. We can’t simply start painting your interior walls and leaving out important details about the paint. Colors are not everything when it comes to choosing paint, yes, admittedly the chromaticity makes a room appealing, however, and if you choose the wrong sort it’ll only cause you bigger cost than investable time and money.
In every home, what’s the specific room where usually we attend to guests and visitors? It’s the living room.  

Perth painting would often suggest that the best variation of paint for living rooms is the matte or flat finish paint. Matte finished paints, aside from having that subtle and smooth look, it’s also known for its great flexibility of camouflaging paint defects, this is the reason why it’s popular for interior walls (namely dining room, bedroom and ceilings). The only downside of flat or matte paint finish it doesn’t have the sheen or shine that can possibly add distinction to the room.

If you don’t want a finish that’s a bit too bland for your taste; you can choose the paint with eggshell finish or paint that has flat enamel finish. There’s a wee bit difference between these two paints, however small is the comparison, it’s still significant. The flat enamel has that planate but long-lasting finish, a good choice of paint if you are planning your home’s hallways and/or powder room. Eggshell paint has that awfully low level of glint, in actuality; this is a good choice of interior paint finish, and is equipped to cope up with cleaning tendencies to the wall.

Satin paint gives your walls’ interiors an evident effortlessly silky finish, retaining the eye-catching sheen as soon as it dries. Satin finish paints emulates more light and are capable of withstanding a little bit of wash and wear. This will be perfect for your home’s family room, bathroom, laundry room, playroom and kid’s room or whichever place in your room that’s expected to accommodate people frequently.

Semi-gloss and glossy finish paints are the paint disparity that resonates light and exhibits a luster that’s in plain sight to see. Semi-gloss paint are gaining much favors in the household paints and being applied to doors, trims, cabinets in your kitchens and bathrooms, almost any room  that expects much traffic. Glossy finish paint has the most-luminous effect in comparison to any other paint finish. On top of everything else, its glistening after-effect, the glossy finish paint is fairly durable and easily cleansed. Being scrub-able, the glossy paint finish has high resistance to wear and tear, and as well with moisture.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Perth House Painters: Colorific Ideas

A house is like a mirror, how it is being cared for and maintained all comes back to the home owners. This is the reason why more and more home owners are being meticulous with the entirety of interiors and exteriors of their residence.

The first thing most people will notice about a house is the color that it exhibits, when it comes to a home’s intimate and exoteric display. Colors don’t instantly match, literally if you are not careful at all, you will end up with a wall that’s extremely unpleasant to the eyes.  There are certain colors that no matter how hard you try to scheme or combine, the paint colors just won’t work, while there are some that blend easily and perfectly. Painter in Perth are really good when it comes to interior and exterior color matching, since this is one of their quality services that they’ve been offering to the masses.

Painter in Perth
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Want to paint your home’s exterior and avoid any probability of mismatched color bonanza? There are some pointers you have to know before-hand. The first you need to do is to double check that your home’s exterior are scrubbed properly, going through the proper procedure for intense cleaning, to be able to eliminate the dirt and all those wrecked down paint. Choosing a paint color that would add adjuration to your home’s alfresco.

Generally speaking, as soon as you’ve decided to repaint your home, each room or interior/exterior walls, and the colors you have chosen for it needs to be well-thought of. Aside from picking out paint colors for your liking, one must also take into account the concept of “color coordination”. The color coordination can also be applied for home’s exterior; it instills more appeal and edge for your home. 

The best thing that you can do here is to look at the available paint colors and ask for input from painter Perth for potential color matching possibilities with the furniture, tiles, carpets, wallpapers and constantly check out trim samplers to determine the theme you are really going after.
Choosing a paint color should not be taken easily, I mean, after all, this is the first thing people would take notice of. Studying about the colors is good, this can offer you more colorful ideas you can add up to the walls of your interiors.

Aside from colors, to amplify your home’s exterior beauty, you should hide the “usual suspects”. What are these exactly? These are the unattractive facets such as, down sprouts and gutters, windows that are unevenly placed and protruding garage doors. In addition to the lists of the things you have to take into account when planning to redesign the paint of your home with new colors are of course your neighbors. The color scheme of the neighboring houses near you has to be look upon also, so that there won’t be any color clashing within your street, if you go beyond the color scheme, it can be attractive, BUT, it can also be asking for unwelcomed attention.